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Artist Statement

For me, dancing is a practice of re-wilding.

I dance to feel close to nature; to feel regulated, strong, sensitive, and connected.

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I am a queer dancer, teacher, choreographer, nature-lover, and activist living in the San Francisco Bay Area, originally from Maryland. I believe that our bodies are more intelligent than our brains when we give them the chance to lead. Also, I love being upside down.


I have trained in a variety of dance genres including contemporary, improvisation, ballet, contact improvisation, and some Hip Hop and acrobatics. I am especially interested in responsive, site-specific choreography and improvisation. My pedagogy aims to dismantle hierarchal systems of oppression by challenging our current racist, capitalist, ableist world. I am always learning in this realm.

As a teacher, I take a somatic-based approach and am dedicated to honoring the body's messages. I teach contemporary, modern, and improvisation to youth and adults throughout the Bay Area and beyond on Zoom. I have also taught in public and private schools, and offer private lessons in a variety of dance genres. Please see my "Services" page for more information.

I am a certified Responsive Body practitioner. Responsive Body is a biodynamic movement practice for all bodies consisting of guided movement experiences and tactile body-to-bodywork. Please see my "Book Bodywork" to book a session.

In 2016 I received a dual degree in Dance and Psychology from the University of Maryland, College Park. I have attended many Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT) and National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) conferences. In 2015, Chelsea conducted DMT research with Spanish-speaking children in Washington, D.C. and Los Andes, Guatemala. Her findings emphasized the importance of a secure attachment style when measuring how we relate to others and learn new information.

My choreography has been performed at the John F. Kennedy Center as part of the American Dance Association's National Gala in 2014. In 2016, I was commissioned by Dance Place to create a new work for the annual Choreographer's Showcase. I have worked with Nommensen Dance, Suzanne Bhears, Molly Rose-Williams, PearsonWidrig DanceTheater, Heart Stück Bernie, Briana Stuart, Stephanie Miracle, Adriane Fang, Christopher K. Morgan, and Chris Aiken & Angie Hauser.